Memory Matches Spanish Tutor

Lumate entertained the idea of creating educational games leveraging the Memory Matches framework. Memory Matches Spanish Tutor was an exploration into how that could manifest. It had some promise and I’m proud of some of the meta features I designed to support personal growth.

The user would have to unlock the game by proving competency at each level of courses. Each course offered study material (vocabulary words), quizzes, tests and a game. Quizzes were matching Spanish words with Spanish words; performing well would earn a gold star and unlock the test. Tests were matching English words with Spanish and performance was graded based on a combination of accuracy and speed. Earning an ‘A’ on the test would unlock the game associated with that course. If a user would have to wait three hours to attempt it again.

I wanted to make it easy for a users to see where they might need to refresh their memory, so I designed the main menu to feature the gold stars you earned for each course. As time went by the star would start to peal away and eventually fall of, indicating it was time to retake the quiz to brush up. The feature also pulled double duty as it was a great way of showing a high level view of your overall progress.

Lead Game Designer