Memory Matches Circus

This is the most gamified version of Memory Matches I designed for Lumate. My design introduces new board variations, card types, decks, and powerups throughout the 100 level experience. I onboarded and managed a six-person development team (an UI Artist, Illustrator, Composer, Sound Engineer, and two Software Engineers) to bring the project to market. Despite extremely aggressive ad monetization and what is a borderline unshippable bug, user reviews remain passionate and positive, which I attribute to a compelling in-game experience.

There is definitely some cleanup that could be done to the experience today, not the least of which being the crash when revealing a shuffle card, but something I feel like I did right was deciding to make powerups a part of the level design rather than a consumable resource. Powerups became a tool I could use to create compelling levels and appealing engagement flow, rather than something we would try to bottleneck the user into purchasing.

Game Designer (and more)

She's exactly right, this bug would make some levels 'almost' impossible. I respect and appreciate her patience.

A layered board with the Split powerup activated.

I added a feature that allows us to reveal a word when a pair is matched. This enabled us to define pairs like Flags (shown here), Silhouettes (of country shapes), and colors.

Some levels have Shuffle cards, which are revealed when setting up the board. You don't match them, you memorize where they are and avoid them so they don't shuffle the entire board.

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